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If you know of any member achievements please let me know so we can acknowledge them on this page.



Renmark RSL and Districts Bowling Club commenced in 1957 and the RSL have been exceptional landlords of the building for a very long time. Now we have the unique opportunity to purchase the facility ourselves. 

To honour the historical importance of the building, Renmark RSL and Districts Bowling Club will use some of the money raised to upgrade and improve the facilities. In addition, the purchase of the facility will ensure that the Renmark RSL and Districts Bowling Club will have a permanent future in the Riverland Bowls competition. 

The Club boasts the best grass greens in the Riverland District and have increased their membership in the few years by twenty percent.  We have over 100 members ranging from all ages, and have a permanent place in the Pennats Competition, as well as Social Bowls. It's a fun club with a strong family feel. 

The members of the Club have a strong commitment to this campaign to ensure the Club’s long term success.

Please help spread the word about our gofundme page

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